ComRec-Solutions is much more than an Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

ComRec-Solutions is a full hospital management system, including, but not limited to: Medical, Finance, Inventory, Waiting Room management, HR and Business Intelligence

Medical Clinics Flow (EMR)

Medical EMR applications for clinics.

Ophthalmology is one key focus which is having a special attention.

Optician applications are part of that medical flow, where applicable.

Several printable material is being auto generated and printed from the system including the prescription, lab/investigation/surgery referral.

Lab Flow

An important stage helping doctors in sample collection phase, barcode printing, automatic data gathering from LAB machines with EMR enabled.


This key application allows a full vision and control over the different stages in the hospital.

It allows several possible actions as well depending on the authorisation level predefined.

The scope of visibility is also function of the authority degree associated with every account.

An important stage helping doctors in sample collection phase, barcode printing, automatic data gathering from LAB machines with EMR enabled.

Inventory Management

A 3-level inventory system with as much inventories is provided. Inventories might be associated with Operating theatres for consumable auto detection and later billing.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting journals management and full control over the chart of accounts.

Finance includes MANY several applications to manage payment, revise and generate invoices.

Surgery Flow

A set of tools helping the doctor and the administration to go through a diversified flavors of Surgery flow, including internist station, anaethesia in-theatre application and discharge.

On the other hand, consumables are being taken care of at that stage also.

Investigations​ Flow

Connected to a large number of investigation devices sucking data and images to attach relevent ones in patient records.

This flow also includes reports authoring.

Human Resources & Payroll

Human Ressources, a key element of any hospital, allowing a very custom interface to describe working hours and overtime (connected to finger printing devices).

HR app, also manages the whole vacation request life cycle, generation of payslips according to rules being programmed.

Reception and Booking

Reception and booking applications are allowing a quick and efficient process for acquiring patients, getting insurance details, optional digital photo and organizing appointments.

This also includes a wide variety of reports, depending on the authorisation level.

Business Intelligence (BI)

A key application, designed for top management.

Generates a real time charts allowing a statistical overview over the organizational KPIs.

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