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Eye Doctor

Superior Ophthalmology Electronic Medical Records

Our advanced products are specialized in recording, managing and researching Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for the Ophthalmic Healthcare Industry.

Our Products

Medical Records

Our most advanced product, allowing a comprehensive set of details for documenting clinal findings, connect with diagnostics equipment and post-op notes.


Highly customizable set of details to collect patient info, generate in-depth reports and manage patient documents (archiving). Also provides simple invoicing.

Patient TV

Adopt transparency when dealing with patients’ waiting lists and display queues on a large screen, with intuitive interface.


Manage patients’ appointments across multiple working locations, handle exceptional working hours and limit your patients flow at ease.

Queues Manager

Fully control your patients flow within your organization, in a multi-phase services, monitor, move and track patients’ movement with detailed timing information

Why our Solution?


Advanced Medical Details

Allowing you to document you clinical findings at ease, yet with a comprehensive level of details.

Seamless Control over patient circulation with your organization

Our advanced queues management system allows you full control over movements of patients across different service points.

Take control of
your Schedule

Our remarkable scheduling system provides a fine-grained control over working hours with lots of tools to manage the most complex situations, with a few clicks.

Work with

Patient TV allows transparency for patients, so they can easily monitor their order.

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Superior Support

We have a great track record of assisting our customer on many levels, configuration, training … and more.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers

1.4 M


2.3 M

Medical Records


System Users




Dr. Nader Fathy

ComRec solutions has literally changed the way we practice Ophthalmology.
Having all patient data just a mouse click away instantly and from any PC in any branch of our hospitals or clinics makes decision making so much easier.
Whether in the clinics, specialty investigations unit or in the OR, every device is linked.
Cannot imagine working or managing our queues anymore without it.

Dr. Vinod Gauba

I would highly recommend Comrec ophthalmic software solutions. It has the ability to provide all the information you need in one place in a smooth efficient and user friendly manner. The output from our ophthalmic diagnostic devices integrates seamlessly with the platform. The biggest asset is their prompt and professional after sales support and care. They are extremely diligent in finding solutions to any problem we face; that is critical especially during the early period of software implementation ensuring a smooth transition to their platform. They always remain open to innovation and further evolving their offering. Professional - Efficient - Comprehensive. A+

Dr. Fouad El-Sayyad 

Since we moved to Comrec as our EMR more than a year ago we have noted a great improvement in clinic flow in our eye center.
The EMR runs smoothly and our staff find it easy to use. The customer service team are easy to reach and are reliable. They continue to provide updates and improvements in the system which has made our clinic more efficient. We are proud to use an EMR that is Egyptian and we highly recommend it to any ophthalmologist who want to make the switch to EMR.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start using ComRec applications?

First, you need to submit a registration request, once your account is read, you can simply log into the URL that will be provided by us, using the provided user name and password. Since ComRec is in the cloud, you don't have to download or install any software, you only need a decent internet connection..

Where is my patient's data stored?

All of your organizations’ data are stored in our server in the United States. The security and privacy of your clinical data is one of our priorities.

Who can access my patients’ information?

We have many and different privileges can be distributed to people, you are sharing our applications with. You will be able to control who will handle every application you will get.

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